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Paul's Grains rye field, July 2006

We hope you come back again!

Crockpot Pizza Beans
This recipe was shared with us by a friend, Heather. We all really enjoy its tasty flavor!

2 c. Paul's Colorful Soup Beans (we prefer this 12-bean mix, but almost any other bean combination would work)
3 c. water
4 tomatoes, chopped (1 c.)
1 onion, chopped
1 tsp. dried oregano
3 tsp. salt
tsp. rosemary

Rinse beans, cover with water, and soak overnight. In the morning combine beans and rest of ingredients in slow cooker and cook on high for 6-7 hours. Add 3-6 c. mozarella cheese (grated or chopped) and c. parmesan cheese, and cook 10 more minutes. Serve with breadsticks, biscuits, cornbread, or crackers.
Makes 3 servings.

Sorghum Baked Beans
Rinse 2 c. beans, cover with water, and soak 8+ hours. Drain off water, add 8 c. fresh water, and bring to a boil on stovetop. Turn down heat and cook until beans are soft (approx. 2-3 hr.). Flavor with c. sorghum and 2 tsp. salt and cook 10 more minutes. Perfect served with Paul's cornbread/muffins.
Makes 3 servings.

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