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Paul's Grains rye field, July 2006

We hope you come back again!

"Thanks so much for the wonderful products you have. We just love them. I just again made the roasted soybeans. I haven't tried cooking the grits yet. I love grits. My husband is in cardiac therapy and always eats the 7-Grain Cereal every morning. We absolutely love your 7-Grain Pancake Mix. I have never had such wonderful pancakes. I tell everyone about your products and web site. Thanks so much."      --Paul's Grains customer

Pioneers in Organic Farming
The early 1960s found Wayne and Betty Paul working hard to make a living from their central Iowa farm. Wayne had graduated from Iowa State University with a degree in agriculture and was now eagerly implementing chemical farming methods on the 160 acres south of Laurel, IA, which he had purchased in 1959.

Then everything changed. A friend introduced Wayne and Betty to the concept of chemical-free farming, using healthy fertilizers and natural techniques for weed and insect control. Deciding to give it a try, Wayne stopped using chemicals...and thus he became one of the brave pioneers in what was to be known as the organic farming movement.

As Wayne and Betty, with help from their four growing children, learned more about chemical-free farming, they became more and more convinced that it was the best method of raising food. Wayne began to look into grinding some of the grains into flour and cereal, starting out with basic cornmeal, oatmeal, and whole wheat flour. As people found out about these items, the family started raising a larger variety of grains and offering more products. Soon the unique 7-Grain Cereal, 7-Grain Flour, and 7-Grain Pancake Mix recipes were developed -- three items that continue to remain best-sellers.

Maintaining the Legacy
Wayne and Betty continued to play an active role in the farming and business until 2006. Their second son, Steve, lives on the farm with his wife Teresa, and continues to handle the flour and cereal part of the business. Grandson Daniel has taken on the responsibility of the fieldwork, with help from his wife Amy and their young daughters. Paul's Grains is definitely an old-fashioned, family-operated business...big enough to have what you're looking for, but not too big to lose that personal touch.

Paul's Grains products are available for purchase here through our website to customers located within the state of Iowa. If you're ever in our area, please give us a call and come visit the farm! We have a small store setup here, open by appointment (whenever we're home!), and would be delighted to show you around.

If you don't see what you're looking for on this site, please contact us. We frequently fill custom orders and will be glad to assist you however possible.

Joseph and Daniel heading out to cultivate soybeans, June 2006...Click to see more photos from our farm!
Joseph and Daniel heading out to cultivate soybeans, June 2006. More pictures from our farm are here.

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We have decided to down-size our business by no longer filling wholesale or out-of-state orders as of August 31, 2013. We always welcome folks to stop by the farm and see our products in person - just give us a call to make sure we're home. If we're home, we're open!

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